At ARIS Capital, we know that there’s a lot more to finance than just money. We realize that our customers’ dreams are the bigger picture, and we take every measure to treat it as such.

To this end, we make it a point to sit with each and every customer looking for a loan, and understand their ambitions before recommending specific plans to that suits their needs the best. To make the experience as seamless as possible, we keep our loan process absolutely simple and transparent so that our customers can be assured of a totally hassle-free experience!

    Aris Strengths

  • unique Understanding of transport industry
  • experience of almost 50 years through ATO india limited
  • doorstep customer service
  • fast processing of loans
  • support borrowers during bad times
  • wide range of pricing with our products and services
  • we continuously learn to improve upon the services

Meet our clients

Aris Capital provides financing for commercial vehicles in the transport and agricultural industry. Our products include loans for new and used vehicles in the following segments:

  • Heavy commercial vehicle loan
  • light commercial vehicle loan
  • small commercial vehicle loan
  • tractor loan
  • 4 wheeler passenger loan
  • 3 wheeler passenger loan
  • school bus loan
  • insurance loan & top-up Loan


We’re locals. All of our staff is from the location in which they are working. We know the terrain and the culture.

We’re local. We are there, on the ground, forming partnerships, enlisting experts and building infrastructure to support new businesses and fuel the economy of the community.

We work with a broad network of local and international experts on various aspects of financing.

The commercial vehicle market is driven by the aspirations of driver turned owners, first time users and first time buyers and small road transporters. Typical end clients come from low income households who have limited access to formal sources of financing and whose livelihood is directly dependent on the vehicle.

In the vehicle segment, we have developed in-house valuation matrices for valuation of different model-makes of vehicles. This is also supported by independent vehicle valuation. While the cash-flow analysis is limited as most of the vehicles in the segment operate on market load and do not have formal employment contracts, the repayment capacity is based on our understanding of the vehicle and it’s earning capacity in the market it operates in.

Most of the delay in the vehicle finance segment is situational in nature and does not lead into ultimate default. We have thus developed relationship focused collection models with an objective to remain in constant touch with the borrower and keep abreast with the related issues and devise the collection strategy accordingly.

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